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Police Lser GunsHow do police laser guns work?
Very simply, police laser guns send out pulses laser light and measure how long it takes for the light to hit your vehicle and return. This measurement repeated many times per second results in an accurate determination of your vehicle's speed.

How do laser jammers work?
A laser jammer confuses the laser gun by establishing a series of infrared pulses in front of your vehicle. If the laser gun and jammer wavelength and frequency are matched, the jammer pulses disorder the return to the laser gun The return pulse, if any, is corrupted, and the speed cannot be read.

The laser war
The police have for the past years increased the use of laser guns and automatic laser photo traps considerably. They have become a real money-machine. The major problem for developers of laser jammers is the fact, that the police not only use one type of laser guns, but several different each with a unique pulse frequency. Therefore a normal laser jammer will only protect you against some laser guns, but not all!

The new generation of laser jammers
New smart BLINDER X-TREME technology has totally solved this problem. In short the new intelligent BLINDER X-treme detects and analyses the incoming laser pulse. Then the built-in computer selects the correct frequency for the outgoing jamming pulse Finally a very powerful infrared pulse signal is sent out.

Instal the Blinder
And you'll get a complete protection against police laser guns, so that you can drive without worry.

It can't be seen
The BLINDER jammers melt aesthetically into the car's front. They are small, hardly show's but they do their job and do it better than any other shows.

Easy to mount
BLINDER is easy to mount and easily serviced. The built-in self-test function guarantees reliable and complete protection anytime you need it.

BLINDER Warranty and support
Specifications each unit BLINDER
  • BLINDER X-TREME Laserjammer, each include
  • 3 infrared laser detectors LEDs
  • Each front unit, 8 infrared laser jamming LEDs
  • Rear unit, 16 infrared laser jamming LEDs
  • (STF) Self Test Function
  • (APS) Automatic Pulse Selection
  • (LWS) Laser Warning System
  • Micro processor
  • Intelligent software
  • Waterproof box
  • IR Filter Lens
  • Interior Equipment
  • Laser Warning Alert
  • Complete installation kit
  • Installation Manual
  • Speeding Ticket Program
  • Online help on the Internet
  • 2-year warranty
  • Model number
  • Transmitter type: 8 special IR LEDs
  • Receiver type: 3 IR special photo diode with amplifier
  • Operating Wavelength 904 nanometers
  • Physical 90 x 48,5 x 18 mm
  • Power Requirements 12.2 volts
  • Self-Test function duration 2 seconds
  • Audible Alert level 95 dB

Manufacturer Warranty:
BLINDER products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 2-years. Defective units will be repaired or replaced by the factory at no charge.





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