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Installing the BLINDER X-treme laser jammer


The BLINDER X-treme should be mounted facing the front or back of the vehicle. The Blinder X-treme should be mounted between the passenger side headlight (or taillight) and the driver's side headlight (or taillight). The on/off bottom and the beeper are of course placed inside the carbine of the car.

blinder x-treme m25


Divide the front of the car in two half's. Install one of the Blinder X-treme in the middle of one half, and then do the same on the other half. BLINDER performs equally well when mounted horizontally or vertically with the lens in the forward direction.

Click here for the Specification Sheet.

Horizontally and vertically 

It is very important, that you mount the two BLINDER's absolutely horizontally and vertically, i.e. parallel to the road and car. Otherwise the detectors and jammers will not function optimally.

Avoid positioning anything in front of, or obstruction the lens.  The lens must project from, or lie flush with the grille.

Laser Jammer
The two BLINDER units fits into the front of most cars. Here on the Toyota Corolla used in the UK Test. 

The Self Test Function

When the ignition is turned on, the upstart self-test function will turn-on the in-carbine alert for two seconds telling you that the BLINDER is ready to do its job.

Electrical Wire 

Laser guns Jammer

Service and control

Keep in mind that snow and dirt that gets on the lens decreases the output of the BLINDER M-20 Twin's range to where it may not detect or jam the police laser gun when you need it.

Keep the lens clean and as free of debris as possible. Scratches and stone damage can also affect output. If the lens becomes too badly damaged, order replacement lenses separately.

Don't drive illegally

We recommend against driving recklessly or above the posted speed limit and assume no responsibility for the actions of any person that purchases or uses the BLINDER X-Treme. We cannot replace your license, so drive legally, responsibly and carefully.

How to use your new BLINDER

For avoiding any trouble with the police, we strongly recommend to follow the method mentioned below when dealing with police laser guns:

At the moment when you hear the BLINDER warning signal, you must at once

  1. Slow down if you are speeding 
  2. Switch off the BLINDER

In that way you will allow the police to get a clear speed measurement without making any attention. Sometimes the police need two or tree shoots before getting a usable speed measurement. Therefore turn off the BLINDER within a few seconds, and nobody suspect that something is wrong!

Blinder X-treme m25 - m45



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